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Artivism Documentary Premiere

The Artivism Documentary Premiere will showcase the various student projects that took place during April 2022 Vacation. 

The Artivism Student Project is an initiative that focuses on the power of youth voice and art as a tool for social inquiry. The project was birthed out of the Mayor's Office of Resilience & Racial Equity in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture and artist collective, The Artist Initiative for Revolution. This program granted young artists across the City of Boston from ages 13-17 to engage in meaningful art-making that was rooted in storytelling and social justice. At Artivism, students learned  how to use their art (music, dance, creating writing, & visual art) for social change. Each student was paired with a leading teaching artist who advised and mentored  them in the work of “Artivism”. 

The result was a documentary that highlights the burgeoning artistic talents of Boston youth and juxtaposes their talents with the unique challenges that faced established, seasoned artists as they sought to create and live in the City of Boston.

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Artivism Documentary

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