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Last updated: 8/25/16

Boston Landmarks Commission Hearing 8/23/16

Subject of the August 23, 2016 public hearing will be action on the agenda below.
Items may be reviewed up to 30 minutes prior to time listed (but no earlier than 6:00 pm).

6:00 pm 1. Discussion and vote on Design Review Applications. The Design Review Committee will present summaries of applications and make recommendations for a vote on each agenda item discussed at the Design Review Hearing, which met on 08/23/16 from 4–6 pm in Boston City Hall, Room 900. (See below for Design Review agenda items)

6:20 pm 2. Review and ratification of 7/26/2016 and 8/9/2016 meeting minutes.

6:25 pm 3. Demolition Delay Hearing: 430 Stuart Street, Back Bay.
Application #16.1703D2091
Applicant: Epsilon AssociatesRe: Review of the proposed demolition of the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center at 40 Trinity Place (430 Stuart Street), Back Bay.
7:10 pm 4. Demolition Delay Waiver: 469 East Fourth Street, South Boston.
Application #16.1575D2082
Applicant: Tim Johnson
Re: Commission discussion and potential vote to waive the demolition delay on the single-family residence at 469 East Fourth Street, South Boston (imposed at the July 26, 2016 hearing), based on additional information submitted by the applicant.
7:55 pm 5. Property Updates and Staff Reports.
8:05 pm 6. Projected Adjournment.
DESIGN REVIEW: 3:30 pm 4:00 pm
WITHDRAWN 3:30 pm Filene’s/Millennium Tower
1 Franklin Street, Downtown
Application: 17.164.113 Design Review
Applicant: Brad Mahoney, Millennium Partners
Re: Signage, first and second floor.
4:00 pm Charlestown Savings Bank
1-2 Thompson Square, Charlestown
Application: 17.165.35 Design Review
Applicant: James DeVellis, Thompson Square Partners LLC
Re: Repairs and renovation of fire escape on rear of building, removal of Church Court side fire escape.
4:30 pm Fenway Park
24 Yawkey Way, Boston
Application: 17.166.184 Design Review
Applicant: David Friedman, Boston Red Sox
Re: Dugout and dugout seat expansion; replace Bullpen Field wall with new removable wall; Right Field Grandstand bar & seating; new Day of Game Suites RF and LF at Press Level; repair/reinforce RF Foul Pole; replace Cumberland Farms sign with RF Terrace Video Board.
5:15 pm Ames Building
1 Court Street, Boston
Application: 17.167.114 Design Review
Applicant: Jef Leon, AIA, Bergmeyer Associates
Re: Replace exterior lighting fixtures with new fixtures; add signage on façade adjacent to existing.
WITHDRAWN 5:35 pm Ames Building
1 Court Street, Boston
Application: 17.168.114 Design Review
Applicant: Mary Dumont, Cultivar
Re: Storefront, awnings, signage, lighting and non-permanent Freight Farm on Washington Mall side.
6:00 pm Full Commission Hearing