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Last updated: 6/29/17

Climate Ready Charlestown Open House

Join our community open house to learn about the vision for Climate Ready Charlestown.

At this event, you'll learn about potential solutions to protect Charlestown from the threats of climate change. You can also ask questions and give feedback to the design team.

Climate Ready Boston is helping the City grow and prosper in the face of climate change. Protecting Charlestown from sea level rise and coastal flooding is a high priority. Through Climate Ready Charlestown, we are working to better understand the flood risk. We're also developing strategies to protect the neighborhood now and in the future.

The first map below shows flooding pathways. These pathways go from low points on the waterfront into the heart of the community. The arrows identify current and future entry points where we can stop the flooding before it starts. 

Climate Ready Charlestown Flood Pathways

This second map illustrates a vision for Charlestown. The map features interventions along the waterfront that can increase safety and benefit the community. We need your help to further develop these solutions. Join us on July 20 to learn more and explore the possibilities!

Climate Ready Charlestown Vision

The above images are courtesy of Kleinfelder-Stoss. They illustrate a vision for Charlestown and are not representative of a finalized plan or proposal.