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Last updated: 3/21/17

Contracting with the City information session

Join the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and other City of Boston departments to network and learn best practices from the City's top contracting departments.

On Wednesday, April 5, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development will convene the city's top contracting departments that will allow businesses to network with department procurement liaisons, learn about upcoming contracting opportunities, and discuss best practices in navigating and bidding the City of Boston's contacting process.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to become certified with the City of Boston.

Networking: 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Meet and discuss contracting opportunities with representatives from the City’s top contracting departments.
Discuss up-coming contracting opportunities directly with general contractors.
Information Session: 11:00 am - noon
Featuring speakers from:
Mayor's Office of Economic Development
Department of Neighborhood Development
Boston Public Schools
Department of Innovation and Technology
Parks and Recreation Department
Public Works Department
Public Facilities Department
Boston Public Library
Boston Fire Department
Boston Center for Youth and Families
Boston Planning and Development Agency
Purchasing Department