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Last updated: 3/9/17

Free household electronics recycling event

We have a list of materials we will and won't accept at this event below.

If you have a question about a specific item and don't see it listed below, please contact BOS:311 at 311 or 617-635-4500.

Please keep in mind:

This event is for Boston residents only. We don't take commercial material from businesses.

Materials you can and can't recycle

We will accept these electronic materials:
  • computers (including desktops, towers, laptops, and tablets)
  • LCD flat panel monitors
  • printers (including inkjets, laserjets, copiers, and scanners)
  • networking equipment (including switches, routers, and servers)
  • UPS batteries, laptop batteries, and cell phone batteries
  • audio and video equipment (including VHS players, DVD players, and stereos)
  • telephones (including cellphones and office phones)
  • other electronic accessories (including keyboards, mice, cables, and wires), and
  • washers and dryers.
Materials we will not accept include:
  • televisions (all types)
  • CRT monitors, and
  • all other appliances not mentioned already.

Please contact 311 or call 617-635-4500 to confirm that we will take your electronic item.