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Last updated: 9/8/16

South End Landmark District Commission

The South End Landmark District Commission is holding a public hearing



5:30                                     40 Clarendon Street

Application: 17.230 SE     David Snell, Architect: Remove front elevation, including all bricks, granite plinth, sills and lintels, cornice, corbels, and windows. Install a concrete pack-up wall. Reinstall windows and bricks, using all new materials for other elements. Remove roof deck, railing and rubber roof. Replace with new except for railing.


6:00                                     35 West Newton Street

Application: 17.241 SE     Raffi Festekjian, Owner: Install exterior halo lit signage on sign bands, and retractable awnings with additional signage. Build a 40 seat outdoor patio, with 32 seats fronting Washington Street and 8 seats fronting West Newton Street.


6:15                                     3 Haven Street

Application: 17.242 SE     Aaron Weinert, Architect: Demolish existing headhouse and replace with larger addition.


6:30                                     605 Tremont Street

Application: 17.287 SE     Nancy Lo, Owner: Expand rear dormer, install roof deck and install 4th floor deck.


6:45                                     660 Harrison Avenue, 75 & 123 East Dedham Street, 100 East Canton Street, and 575 Albany Street

                                            William Gause, Developer: Redevelop an underutilized block into a mixed-use collection of buildings. Some structures will remain and be augmented and                                                    others will be demolished and replaced.