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How to apply for public art and design projects

How to apply for public art and design projects

You can propose both short and long-term public art and design projects on City of Boston property.

Last updated: 6/10/16

Before you get started

You can propose a project as an individual or group. Click here to view our infographic to help you develop your application. Once you’ve considered the idea or space in which you are interested for the project, you can begin the process of talking to neighbors and community members that would be impacted. As you develop your idea, consider reaching out to:

  • the Boston Art Commission at,

  • art foundations,

  • local businesses,

  • nonprofits, and

  • anyone with a stake in the project.

Also, keep in mind, we can only approve projects that will be installed on land owned by the City of Boston. You can research parcel ownership here.


Submit an application

We want to have a clear understanding of what you want to propose. Please fill out the online application to propose both short and long-term public art and design projects on City of Boston property. All applications will be reviewed by the Boston Art Commission at our monthly meeting, scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month. We generally ask that applications be submitted two weeks before a scheduled BAC meeting and six weeks before the proposed start date, to allow us time to process the request and work with other departments for permissions.

You'll need to include:

  • a project description with installation/maintenance details;
  • an address or google map link, if you have a specific site in mind;
  • photos or sketches of the proposed project, if relevant;
  • resumes for all artists involved; and
  • any letters of support or permission.

If you have any questions about the application or the process email us at


The "art" work begins

If this is a permanent public art project we will reach out and help you write a Request for Qualifications, and continue with the City's permanent art process.  

We’ll follow up with you if we have any additional questions. We’ll also let you know about any City permissions that apply to your project, including:

  • a special events permit,
  • a public safety permit, and
  • insurance requirements.
Need to Know:
funding your project

There are a couple of different options for finding funding. One option is the Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund. You can apply for funding to help you plan out your project. Here’s some tips on applying:

Download this Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund checklist of what you'll need to apply. You must apply by March 15 or September 15.

Print out and complete the application. Read the guidelines to make sure you're eligible. You can send your application to:

  • City of Boston Trust Office
  • 1 City Hall Square, Room M5
  • Boston, MA 02201

Remember to keep a copy of your application so you can give it to us.

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