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Patricia Gilrein

Art Collections Manager

As Art Collections Manager, Patricia Gilrein is responsible for the physical and intellectual care of the City of Boston's large custody of public art, including sculptures, fountains, murals, and items associated with public buildings. Such work involves implementing information management systems to retain the history of the Boston Art Commission and promote access to this diverse scope of media to inform future initiatives. Patricia manages appropriate conservation, maintenance, transport, and storage of all works and develops strategies to integrate effective preservation practices.

Patricia grew up in Western Massachusetts and lives in Jamaica Plain. She has worked with collections of art and design in the US and the UK for nearly two decades. For the past 10 years, she has worked with Boston-area museums to lead several large-scale collections re-locations as well as storage design and improvement projects. Prior to moving to Boston, she assisted in establishing a physical archive and records management system for Coach in NYC. Patricia graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a degree in art history, and the University of St. Andrews with an M.A. in museum studies.

She began her career as an artist, as an apprentice to a Tibetan thangka painter. Her first commission was for a museum, which introduced her to the world of collections and archives and cultivated her passion for historic preservation. She continues to paint and show her work in Boston in participation with a local art collective that encourages the visibility of early to mid-career artists, and promotes emerging galleries and performance spaces. In her free time, she enjoys the local music scene, cooking, and golf.

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