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Last updated: 7/5/16

Our work at Cable and Broadband

Find out how our department helps create affordable and efficient cable and broadband systems in the City of Boston.

We oversee cable and broadband services in the City. Our responsibilities include:


Companies have to come through us first to set up services in the City. We have them fill out a provider certification form to get certified. The certification lets us keep track of their business practices. Learn more about our policy.

In our work, we make sure to:

  • run studies and reports on companies
  • find the City a good mix of competitive cable services
  • help other departments create cable rules and regulations
  • research how technology affects residents and businesses
  • work with departments to develop a technology plan for the City
  • work with the industry to expand cable access, and
  • promote and enforce regulations.

Our contracts with cable companies allow us to review their performance and policies. We get about 5,000 calls from consumers each year. Usually, these calls are related to costs, wires, and customer service. About 25 percent of these calls end up in case management. Find out how to get help with a cable or broadband issue.

Massachusetts regulates cable services more than most other states. Because of this, we get to oversee all parts of cable companies, including:

  • franchising and construction
  • customer service and installation, and
  • taxation.

In recent years, our department has saved customer about $4.5 million in costs, including a $1 million customer refund.  We’ve advocated to preserve discounts for seniors. We also pushed the federal government to regulate basic rates when there's no competition.

Still have questions? Contact:
Broadband and Cable
43 Hawkins Street
Suite 1B
Boston, MA 02114
United States