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DB Reiff

Special Projects and Press Liason

DB Reiff, the daughter of immigrants, came to Boston for school and made it home. After earning degrees in classical guitar and education from Boston Conservatory of Music, she taught and conducted an all-city band in the Salem Public Schools.

After a recession-related layoff, a search for broader career options and her abiding feminism led her to earn an MBA at the Simmons School of Management. When the dean asked her to create an alumnae newsletter, the love of language supplanted guitar as her instrument.

DB has traveled many communication paths at a large corporation (Verizon), small startups, nonprofits, municipal government, and political campaigns as a speechwriter, communications coach, facilitator, and workplace mediator.

She has held several director positions, including board president at RESPOND, an organization that serves battered women and their children. DB is a passionate gardener and will keep digging until the day the ground freezes.