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Building a better budget

Building a better budget

We will be successful when...

Ph.D. economists and 8th graders alike can tell us a story about the budget and back it up with data, all without looking at the budget book.

Everything in a City government begins with the budget. Salaries, beautiful new websites, library upgrades, and potholes all happen as a result of money assigned to those purposes.

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Project description

Historically, the budget financial data and the budget 'narrative' have been separated. In one budget book, you get the reasons why the City spent money in certain places. In another, you get the numbers detailing how much revenue the City collects and how much it plans to spend over the next fiscal year. 

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We will merge those two books and put them online. A budget should not be a big book that no one reads - it should be an additional piece of information you (our website visitors) see when you're reading up on My Brother's Keeper grantees, applying for heat assistance, and even potholes. Context-driven and easily understood, an online budget should help you (our website visitors) understand how the Mayor's vision comes to life.

If you have budget questions, send them our way! We'd like to know what you care about. Just email or click the Feedback button at the bottom (footer) of every page, and share your thoughts on what an online budget should do.

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Project status

We expect to launch a new online budget in mid-April 2017.

understand budget process
interview stakeholders
propose vision
test with fy17 data
launch with fy18 data