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Personal care attendant parking program rules

Last updated: 3/28/16

Personal care attendant parking program rules

The program is for Boston residents with severe disabilities who depend on personal care attendants. They can apply for a permit that exempts their attendants from “Resident Parking” requirements.


Both you and your attendant must complete and submit applications. We process the applications at the Disabilities Commission. To use the program, you need to hire an attendant through an Independent Living Center.

If your in-home care worker was hired through an agency, you'll need to contact the Transportation Department at 617-635-4680.


Permits are only valid for one year. If your attendant continues to use the permit after the expiration date, they may get a ticket.

Your homecare attendant can only use the permit in your neighborhood. It’s your responsibility to make sure your attendant uses the permit appropriately.

We will give you only ONE permit for your Personal Care Attendant. They can only use the permit while working for you. Your attendant can only use the permit for “Residents Only” spaces in your neighborhood. They still have to obey other street signs, like “No Parking” and “Street Cleaning.”


You need to let the Disabilities Commission know if there are any changes to your eligibility requirements. This includes changes to your, disability, address, personal Care Attendant.

If you make a copy of the permit or try to change it in any way, we will take the permit and end your participation in the program.

The program isn’t governed by any federal or state laws. It's managed by the Disabilities Commission and the Transportation Department. The Disabilities Commission has the right to approve or deny any applications.

Still have questions? Contact:
Disabilities Commission
1 City Hall Square
Room 967
Boston, MA 02201-2041
United States
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