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Last updated: 7/19/16

About Us

Networking and advancing innovation in education to unlock learning in Boston.

The Education Cabinet focuses on supporting learning from early learning through higher education. We also support learning wherever it takes place from schools to community-based settings. Our ambitious, achievable vision requires collaboration and constant communication to:

  • Address persistent challenges that frustrate our collective ability to improve schools and achieve educational equity;
  • Fully engage the city’s schools and community-based learning institutions in promoting learning and development throughout the city at all times;
  • Modernize our approaches to learning and our school buildings;
  • Provide communities — parents, caregivers and neighbors — the tools that they need to actively support young people’s growth and development.

We work with students, parents and educators and a variety of institutions and systems like schools, youth-serving organizations, colleges and universities and Boston’s cultural institutions to meet our objectives.

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Education Cabinet
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