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Turahn Dorsey

Chief of Education

My name is Rahn Dorsey and I’m Boston’s first-ever Chief of Education. Mayor Walsh appointed me in September 2014. My charge is to set a strategic agenda for the city to improve the quality of instruction and student support across Boston’s educational ecosystem and better integrate school, community and work-based learning opportunities. You can learn about my early life and my professional experience prior to joining the Mayor’s Cabinet.

As Chief of Education, I collaborate with young people, parents, educators, K-12 and higher education leaders and nonprofit and private sector innovators to develop strategies that fully bring learning to life in Boston. I look forward to sharing  insights from my work and from these amazing partnerships with you on my Bright + Bold blog (debuting soon).

Want to learn more about my role as the Chief of Education? I encourage you to visit the Cabinet’s page to explore the projects my team is working on. To learn about major Education Cabinet developments and campaigns, please connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.