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Aidan Smith

Community Choice Electricity Outreach Coordinator

Aidan Smith joined the Environment Department’s Municipal Energy Unit in February 2020. As the Community Choice Electricity Outreach Coordinator, Aidan supports the Department’s energy-related outreach initiatives and campaigns. He is working closely with other governmental and non-governmental groups to launch the City’s upcoming Community Choice Electricity Program. Residents who join this program will begin receiving their electricity supply from the City. This option will benefit residents and give the City an additional tool for achieving its economic and environmental goals.

Prior to joining the City of Boston, Aidan worked in Fresno, California on issues of air quality, climate change, and environmental justice. Aidan earned a Master’s of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies where he studied environmental history and environmental anthropology. He holds a B.A. in biology from Vassar College.

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