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Church family provides support to Dorchester resident

I’ve seen some of the greatest acts of resilience through the way my aunt and her church family take care of one another. 

Although they’ve had to make changes to how they run their service, they still have church every Sunday. Where the pastor once stood in front of full pews, he now gives the message to just a handful of the first comers.  However, for those who didn’t make it through the doors, the church’s Facebook Live feed is open for folks to tune in.

During the week, the church family checks in with one another.  One weekend, my aunt spent a Saturday on the hunt for water bottles and toilet paper to deliver to one of the church members who couldn’t get out of the house.  Another weekend, she even bought a cheesecake for a church member so that they could enjoy a sweet treat with their kids on Easter Sunday.  These things remind me that family, whether chosen church family or by blood, can help you be resilient in the face of adversity.    

To me, resilience is the ability to stand up when you fall down. It's the network and structure that holds you up when you can't stand on your own and when life feels unsure. Resilience is having people around you who you can lean on and give support to.  In the end, you know that things will be ok because you’re not alone. Resilience is family.   

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