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Climate Ready Charlestown

Last updated: 9/15/17

Climate Ready Charlestown

We're creating neighborhood solutions to coastal flooding from sea level rise and storms.

Areas in Charlestown face current and growing risks from coastal flooding and sea level rise. We're working to find ways to stop these flooding pathways. We also want to improve the quality of life for the community, and help the local economy grow. We are exploring short- and long-term options. We'll be working with residents, businesses, and regional partners.

Charlestown Projected Flooding 2070. Image courtesy of Kleinfelder-Stoss.

The above map illustrates potential flooding in Charlestown. The map follows shows the risk of rising sea levels and coastal storms before the end of the century. Physical design interventions, like the ones illustrated below, can provide protection while offering other benefits.

Climate Ready Boston Intervention Options

Community outreach and engagement activities began in April 2017. They continued through the end of the project in July 2017. See key takeaways from our open house on July 20, 2017.

Above images courtesy of Kleinfelder-Stoss.

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Open house results


You can find more information about climate change risks in Charlestown in our Climate Ready Boston report.

Charlestown Report

Climate action

Climate preparedness is one way the City is addressing climate change. Learn about our initiatives to reduce pollution that causes climate change.

Project focus area

View a map of a flood pathway in Charlestown, and where we're focusing our work in this project.

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Community survey

We’re working with a design team to find solutions we can put in place to stop flood pathways before they reach our communities. This effort is lead by the City’s Environment Department, in partnership with the Boston Planning & Development Agency. As we work to explore near and long-term options for Charlestown, we want to hear from you.

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We have the knowledge, talent and resources to prepare our neighborhoods and businesses for climate change and will continue to cut carbon emissions, tackling climate change head on.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh