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Climate Ready Story Project

We are sharing stories of social resilience and connectedness that are showing up in Boston due to COVID-19.

Our goal through this project is to celebrate the resilience that already exists in Boston. We are lifting up these stories:

  • neighbors looking out for neighbors
  • small businesses stepping up to support their staff, and
  • families supporting one another.

Tell us your story

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How to share your story
  1. Complete our online form.
  2. Email or call Peyton and Zoe
  3. Attend one of our story sharing events. These events will be virtual until further notice, and we'll add upcoming events to this page.
About this project

There are networks of support and care that are keeping Boston safe and strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. These very same networks will prepare and support Bostonians during climate change. 

Climate Ready Boston is Mayor Walsh’s initiative to prepare Boston for the impacts of climate change. Through this storytelling project, we hope to continue beyond the duration of this pandemic. We want to build a more inclusive narrative about climate change in Boston. We hope to drive collective action towards a climate ready future.

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