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Alisha Pegan

Renew Boston Community Outreach Fellow

As a lifelong sustainability enthusiast, I am energized to be part of the Greenovate Boston team to promote energy efficiency initiatives for residents in Boston. I host workshops, increase the team’s online presence, and encourage everyone I meet to sign up for a Home Energy Audit.

In May 2017, I finished my undergraduate education at Wellesley College for Environmental Studies and Olin College for Sustainable Design Engineering. But, my journey into sustainability really began as a child after my family moved to a Buddhist monastery in Northern California called the "City of Ten Thousand Buddhas." The nuns, monks, and laypeople there respected and cherished every thing. I learned quickly to finish every grain of rice on my plate, to aid the earthworms crawling on the sidewalk, and to re-purpose my yogurt containers into planters. When I read about solar passive lighting in middle school, I was awestruck and inspired to work in this field.

Since then, I have had the great privilege to travel and learn about many different aspects of sustainability. I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, for several months to study sustainable urban infrastructure, and fell in love with bikes and wienerbrød. In 2015, I worked in Hangzhou, China, to compose reports on popular sustainable urban strategies for Chinese government officials. Last year, my professor brought me to Sabana Grande, Nicaragua, to learn from a community of solar activists and researchers. Most recently, I was in Clarksdale, Mississippi, working on a youth-led makerspace to deepen my understanding of community development and social sustainability.

I enjoy applying my systems-thinking, design, and data analysis skills during my fellowship. I hope to learn a great deal about how Boston and other cities around the world are designing and developing sustainable systems for their communities.

Feel free to reach me at if you would like to connect, give us suggestions, or have questions. You can also say hi at any of our Renew Boston events!