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Using wind energy to power the City

Boston is one of the windiest cities in the nation. Learn about our efforts to use the power of wind energy.

We promote the use of wind turbines whenever possible. The City has several efforts and projects underway.


The Boston Redevelopment Authority created new zoning laws for wind turbines. These regulations have standardized:

  • placement
  • design
  • monitoring
  • modification, and
  • removal of wind turbines.

The regulations make installing wind turbines easier and faster. They also protect natural and historic resources, and public safety.


The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority is working on several wind projects around Boston. They recently installed a 1.5 Megawatt turbine in Charlestown, and two 600 Kilowatt turbines on Deer Island. The turbines generate more than 5 million Kilowatt hours and save roughly $600,000 each year.

In 2008, the Massachusetts Port Authority installed 20 wind turbines on the roof of Logan Airport’s offices. The 12-foot tall turbines use energy from the steady winds along the waterfront.


The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is a massive wind blade testing facility in Charlestown. This facility plays an important role in the wind energy industry, and helps:

  • speed up research and development
  • create next generation wind blades, and
  • attract companies to design, build, and test new blades in the United States.
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