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Why you should use compact fluorescent bulbs

Switching out your regular light bulbs is a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here's why.


Changing your incandescent bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lights is easy and effective. Since lighting takes up nearly 20 percent of a home’s electric bill, switching to these bulbs will save on electricity while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

ENERGY Star Compact Fluorescent Lights use up to 75 percent less electricity than other bulbs. They also last up to 10 times longer and cost less up front.

If every home in America switched to Compact Fluorescent Lights, in one year it would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes. That would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of what 800,000 cars produce.

Learn more about Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.


The Change a Light Campaign is a national challenge. It encourages Americans to take action, one light bulb at a time. Show your commitment by switching out at least one light bulb. Take the pledge.

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