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Last updated: 5/13/16

Learn about our work at Fair Housing

Find out more about our commission, and what we do for the people of Boston.

The City of Boston created our commission in 1982 to give everyone equal access to housing in Boston. Our goal is to get rid of discrimination and make sure everyone has the opportunity to call our City home. We do this in a several ways:


The program creates standards for advertising government-assisted housing and affordable homes.  The goal is to reach out to those who normally wouldn’t apply to a home because of its location.

We want people to know about housing opportunities outside of their communities. By marketing to a bigger pool of candidates, we also hope to find people who reflect the racial diversity of the City. We also push for having housing programs in multiple languages.

Our commission reviews all affirmative marketing plans to make sure they follow Fair Housing laws. Learn the guidelines for Fair Housing advertising.


As a requirement for getting federal funds for housing, we created an Analysis of Impediments.  It’s our plan to make the housing market fair for anyone who wants to live in Boston.


We cover some of the problems our commission has to solve to give everyone equal access to housing. We also talk about our rules and how we can enforce them.

Learn about how we investigate complaints and enforce Fair Housing laws.  

Still have questions? Contact:
Fair Housing and Equity
1 City Hall Square
Room 966
Boston, MA 02201-2041
United States
Fair Housing Commission pamphlet

This informational page talks a little more about what fair housing means. It's available in several languages:

Learn more about our Commission's policies.