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Fire chemist forms and applications

Last updated: 5/31/16

Fire chemist forms and applications

Our chemist helps businesses stay safe and compliant with fire code.

Businesses must make sure their interior decor doesn't pose a fire hazard. Our chemist tests materials and interior finishes for flammability. If the material is safe, we'll give the business a permit to use it. We test materials for companies, industrial businesses, hospitality businesses, and some multi-family property owners.

If you need something tested, fill out one of the applications below and send it to us. Please give us your application two weeks before your event or inspection date. You can mail your application or drop it off to:

  • Fire Prevention Division
  • 1010 Massachusetts Ave. 4th Floor
  • Boston, MA 02118
  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Fax: 617-343-3604

If you have any questions for the chemist, call 617-343-3527.

Still have questions? Contact:
Fire Prevention
1010 Mass Avenue
4th Floor
Boston, MA 02118
United States