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Last updated: 8/8/17

Healthy Incentives Program

The Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) replaces the Boston Bounty Bucks in farmers markets across the City.

The new program works a lot like how Boston Bounty Bucks worked. We’ll be giving financial help to SNAP users through the Healthy Incentives Program. We provide matching funds that SNAP users can use to buy fresh, local produce. This sustainable, statewide program promotes healthy eating, while also supporting the local economy.

The goal of this incentive program is to help SNAP participants buy more locally grown fruits and vegetables. When you buy fruits and vegetables with SNAP at participating farmers markets, mobile markets, farm stands, or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share programs, you will earn extra money on your SNAP/EBT card. It’s easy to earn incentives through the program. Also, the incentive that is added directly back to your EBT card can be used toward any future SNAP-eligible purchase.

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Farmers Markets in Boston

Find out more information about Farmers Markets in the City. If you’re a farmers market, and you want to become a program retailer, please contact us.

Map of Farmers Markets

How does it work?

The Healthy Incentives Program includes the City of Boston and locations across the state. We match each SNAP dollar spent on fruits and vegetables at:

  • farmers markets and farm stands
  • mobile food markets, and
  • Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSA) Farm Shares.
Using your SNAP dollars
  1. As a SNAP participant, you are already enrolled! Use your SNAP dollars to buy farm fresh fruits and vegetables at a Healthy Incentives Program retailer.
  2. An equal amount of money — up to your monthly limits — is instantly added back to your EBT card.
  3. Your receipt will show the amount of additional SNAP dollars you've earned.
  4. Spend your earned benefits anywhere that accepts SNAP.
What you can earn

Based on your household, here’s what you can earn each month:

  • $40, for 1-2 people
  • $60, for 3-5 people
  • $80, for 6 or more people

Healthy Incentives Program flyer

Partners and funders

The Office of Food Access financially supports the Healthy Incentives Program. We’re able to do this through the annual BostonCANshare campaign, and the generosity of our CANshare Sponsors.