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How to get a GPS contract

How to get a GPS contract

You need to install GPS in your food truck before you can get a permit. Learn how to apply and set up service.

Last updated: 6/30/16

Complete applications

We work with Trimble for GPS service. Print out and complete these forms to set up service:

There is a $299 hardware fee and $89 installation fee for each GPS.

Bring your Food Truck Permit application when you apply for GPS service. Trimble needs to see the signature on this page even if you application is still in progress.


Submit your applications

Send your Trimble documents to:

Nicole Jurado
Fax: 408-716-2858

Send a copy of the first page of your Food Truck Permit application with your signature by email or fax to:

Brock Zylstra
Fax: 480-961-8801

Please send a follow-up email to make sure Trimble got your applications.


GPS Installation

You will receive your GPS within two weeks. Trimble has to process your application and test the GPS before they send it to you.

Don't open the GPS package. You will have to get a new GPS if you open the package. Trimble will contact you to set up an appointment to install the GPS, and they will send an email with your account login information.

Trimble will give you paperwork to sign to enter into a contract


Before you get started

You need GPS data service with Sprint before you can get a food truck permit.

We use GPS data to show when and where your truck is on the City's website. We only access data when you're working a shift. 


Set up service with Sprint

Complete the Sprint New Vendor Account application and email or fax the application to:

Habrom Andemariam
Fax: 781-494-1250

Also fax a copy of your driver's license to 617-507-6336.

A Sprint account manager will set up your service. There is a $35/month fee for your data plan.


Show us proof of service

Show us a copy of the Trimble contract when you apply for a food truck permit.

We need to see a signature giving us consent to see your GPS data.

Payment Info:

Hardware Fee: $299
Installation Fee: $89
Sprint Data Plan Fee: $35 per month

Need to Know:
Trimble Contacts

Applications: Nicole Jurado at 877-228-7623.
Support: 1-877-428-7623.

Sprint Contacts

Account Manager: 
Christopher Stephens

Technical support: 1-800-927-2199
Premier Care support: 1-800-390-9545

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