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Frank Skelton

Principal Domain Administrator

Frank Skelton is a Principal Domain Administrator in our department. He falls under our Core Infrastructure team and works with domain administration.

A domain is what each City employee uses to log into their computer and get onto the secure City network. Frank’s team makes sure every employee has a City login account and appropriate security access, depending on their position. Frank does a lot of work with virtual servers.

A server is a device that provides information and services to other devices. For example, a server in City Hall could contain the data associated with a City employee’s login information. In this case, the server is providing information to the the employee’s computer. The City employee would be able to access their account and use the City’s network because they are connected to the server.

Not too long ago, the City was using physical servers. Frank has since helped the City move to virtual servers. They perform the same functions but require less physical space. A virtual server is a program that runs on a shared server, but acts as if the user has complete control over it. The user doesn’t experience any difference between physical and virtual servers.

Thanks to Frank’s help, the City is now mostly on virtual servers.

Frank and his team also make virtual desktops a possibility. Virtual desktops allow employees to access the City network outside of City Hall. By using a virtual desktop, workers can log into the City network and access internal files.

Frank began working with our department in 2008 as a Senior Systems Administrator. He's been with the team ever since. Before working for the City, he studied Management Information Systems at Lasell College. Frank also worked in Information Technology for a local consulting company.

Frank was born and raised in Boston. He enjoys being able to make a positive impact on the City he grew up in.