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Jerry Turner

Network Manager

In short, Jerry Turner makes sure the City of Boston stays connected. As network manager, Jerry monitors the network connections across BoNET (Boston’s Fiber Optic Network). His work ensures that City offices and public safety agencies have a fast, reliable, and secure way to get and share information.

Jerry began his career with the City of Boston in 1988 as the first computer technician ever hired by the City. He was a true technological pioneer, setting up the City’s basic PCs before Microsoft Windows was even a widespread application.

We’ve come a long way since then. In 2008, the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) reached an agreement with Comcast to use its fiber optic cable. Under Jerry’s leadership, he and his team installed the equipment and “lit” the fiber. This work gave the City a greater bandwidth and a faster way of transmitting messages.

The network, called BoNET, connected 130 City offices when it was first implemented. Since then, we’ve added 50 more buildings and Wi-Fi hotspots. Today, BoNET connects cameras, WiFi, public safety radios, and the applications used by City employees.

Right now, DoIT is working to connect more public schools to BoNET. Ultimately, Jerry hopes to take BoNET even further — he wants to connect all of Boston and surrounding areas on one, secure network.

Over the last 29 years, Jerry has seen the City evolve from Wang PCs (one of the original data processing machines) to a complex fiber optic network. He takes pride in what he calls “lighting up Boston” and is excited about the innovation that lies ahead.