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Karlene Ricketts

Head Clerk

If you’ve ever visited the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT), there’s a good chance you met Karlene Ricketts. Her desk sits right at the entrance of the seventh floor office, so she’s typically the first point of contact for visitors. Karlene finds out where you need to go, and helps you get there.

As head clerk, it’s no secret that Karlene is a major factor in what makes the office run smoothly. It’s a tall task to keep track of every single person who walks through the door, but Karlene never misses a beat. With her attention to detail, she’s the first to notice anything — or anyone — out of place.

Karlene is no stranger to the area. She spent a majority of her life in Boston. Karlene graduated from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts with a degree in English. She then spent time as a client service representative at State Street before joining our team in June of 2012.

When you ask Karlene about her favorite part of working for the City, she says it’s the people she gets to interact with on a daily basis. Whether it’s someone waiting for a meeting with the department — or someone who accidentally wandered onto the seventh floor — Karlene can handle it all. Pro tip: if you’re ever in the mood for candy, stop by Karlene’s desk. She keeps an assortment of treats, although the chocolate usually disappears first.