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Luis Sano

Data Science Platform Engineer

Luis Sano has worked with the City for almost a year as a Data Science Platform Engineer. In this role, he works with the City's Analytics Team.

Luis helps build out analytics tools. He works to create predictive, analytical applications in the cloud. The cloud refers to software and programs that run on the Internet instead of on your computer.

Luis's work involves migrating services hosted on people’s laptops, desktops, or servers. He works to get these services to operate in the cloud environment.

Before he joined the team, Luis worked at an energy software company. The data he worked with was primarily energy-related. Since joining the team, he has enjoyed working with a variety of diverse data sets and projects.

His team is currently working on a project for BOS:311. They are using machine learning to analyze descriptions of problems reported by constituents. Based off this analysis, the app will be able to present users with a likelihood of solutions. This is similar to Google's search box "suggestions" feature, which refines as you enter text. You can actually help us build out this tool

What Luis likes most about his role at the City is the opportunity to work on projects that have a social impact. “When you are successful in a project, you are contributing to the City and everyone around you.”

Luis’s favorite thing about living in Boston is seeing the giant murals on the Greenway in Dewey Square. Fun fact: Luis was once a bike messenger in the City.