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Rich Oliver


Rich Oliver’s official title is Custom and Enterprise Applications Manager. In his own words, he’s a programmer.

Rich works within the Enterprise Applications team. He maintains our permitting and licensing application. Right now, the team is working to make its permitting portal easier to support.

When not working with permitting applications, Rich assists other departments with custom web applications. In the past, he’s helped Inspectional Services create an automated tool for its Weights and Measures Division. He’s also worked on the backend of the City’s election app.

Rich marks 30 years with the City this July. He started his journey with the City as a police officer with Public Facilities. From there, Rich worked with Inspectional Services as a Deputy Sealer. He then moved on to that department's Management Information Systems team.

His next adventure was working with the City’s Management Information Systems department. That department later became known as the Department of Innovation and Technology, where Rich still works today.

Fun fact: Though Rich works as a programmer, he actually went to school for architecture and art. He attended both Boston Architectural College, where he studied architecture, and Mass. College of Art, where he studied interior design. He worked as a graphic artist for the Beacon Company before starting his journey with the City of Boston. In case you were wondering, Rich’s favorite art mediums are pastels, watercolors, and charcoals.

So, where does programming come in? Rich has been programming his whole life. Growing up, he was very into computers and gaming. These passions helped him develop the skills he has today.

Rich has enjoyed his last 30 years with City Hall. His experiences have been vast, and he’s loved learning new things along the way.