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Sheila Fay

Administrative Assistant

Sheila Fay is an administrative assistant working with our BAIS HCM Team. (BAIS stands for Boston’s Administrative Information Systems. HCM stands for Human Capital Management).

This team runs the Human Resources program that tracks things like employee hours, time off, and payroll. The program is used throughout City Hall. Each department has a representative that uses this program to log employee information.

Sheila started working with the BAIS HCM team in October 2014. She was the first Administrative Assistant to work with the team. Sheila joined as the team was undergoing an upgrade to its system. During the upgrade, the team was moved to a location known as "Project Central" outside of City Hall. The upgrade went live in June of 2016. According to Sheila, having the team so close together made them a tight-knit group.

Aside from her administrative roles, Sheila also:

  • works directly with members of the team focused on the Human Capital Management system, and
  • helps with on-boarding and off-boarding employees and contractors.

Before joining our department, Sheila worked with the City’s Retirement Board. She studied business at Mass Bay Community College and has also spent time working at a recruiting agency. Sheila is a proud resident of Roslindale, having spent her whole life there.

Sheila’s favorite part about working for the City has been the people she works with. She also enjoys the opportunity to meet employees from other departments. Sheila takes pride in her team and the service they provide.