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Vanessa Calderon

Sr Data Proc Sys Anl / CRM specialist

Vanessa Calderon began working with the Department of Innovation and Technology as a CRM Specialist in April 2016. CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management." Vanessa works with the system that runs our 311 service.

Right now, we're moving to a new CRM system for 311. Vanessa and her team are managing the transition from our old system to our new one. This involves transitioning all 311 services to the new platform. The migration will help improve the workflow for 311.

For Vanessa, the best part about working for the City is helping the public. She believes that a government can enable its citizens to live better lives.

Before working for the City, Vanessa worked in public service at the federal level. She worked in Asset Management at the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in Portland, Oregon. BPA is a federal agency within the Department of Energy.

When asked what she likes most about Boston, Vanessa says it's the great people she's met. She also says she appreciates Boston's history. Vanessa, who comes from Spain, says she has an appreciation for cities with rich, long histories.