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Housing Innovation Workshop

For six hours on a Friday afternoon, almost fifty people from a variety of disciplines and perspectives worked together to come up with new ways to develop differently and help solve Boston's housing affordability challenge. New connections were made, new ideas were hatched and we had fun doing it!

On Sep 15, 2017 the iLab co-hosted with the Boston Society of Architects and the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab a Housing Innovation Workshop. The focus of the workshop was “Developing Differently.” The workshop aimed to work across expertise levels and consider different stakeholders to identify challenges and ideating solutions that make an impact on our housing needs. Over the course of six hours, the 55 participants created 40 ideas, gave nearly 800 pieces of feedback, pitched eight ideas and “built up” four final ideas.

Participants were a mixture of experts across housing development. Ranging in stakeholders from design and planning to finance and development as well as across expertise levels from long-standing stakeholders who understand how to implement innovative ideas in a complex environment and interdisciplinary experts who offer a different perspective. This mixture was intended to contribute to the community’s knowledge base on housing development and build-up ideas that can have impact.


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Review the workshop agenda and the ideas that emerged.
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