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Problem properties in Boston

The Problem Properties Task Force has created a list of “problem properties” in the City.

How does a property become a “problem property”? We look at many details, including:

  • issued and outstanding violations related to the building, housing, and sanitary codes
  • the number of calls to the City's public safety agencies, and
  • any other City incident reports written about the property over the past 12 months.

We investigate the issues associated with a property before adding it to the problem property list. Our task force also sends letters to owners about the designation. A property stays on the list until its owner addresses the outstanding issues.

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Map of problem properties

View a map of problem properties in the City of Boston.
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List of problem properties

27 West Eagle Street East Boston 0103443000 27 W EAGLE ST BOSTON MA 02128 CONWAY JOHN J JR Two Family
639 Warren Street Dorchester 1202543000 639-643H WARREN ST BOSTON MA 02121 SMITH JOHANN L Residential Land
69-71 Proctor Street Roxbury 0800485000 69--71 PROCTOR ST BOSTON MA 02119 CEFALU ROSLIA TS Residential/Commercial
131 Eustis Street Roxbury 0802286000 131 EUSTIS ST BOSTON MA 02119 AHMED FARD One Family
72 Woodrow Avenue Dorchester 1403698000 72 WOODROW AV BOSTON MA 02124 HARVEY VINA One Family
19 Ledgebrook Road Mattapan 1800017009 19 LEDGEBROOK RD BOSTON MA 02126 MARC E REVANCHE, LINDA REVANCHE Two Family
137-139 Dorchester Street South Boston 0700893000 137-139A DORCHESTER ST BOSTON MA 02127 CITY VIEW CONDO TR | NICHOLAS C POSER TS Condo Main Building
64 Rosseter Street Dorchester 1401346000 64 ROSSETER ST BOSTON MA 02121 CUONG VU, MINH HOANG VU, ROSSETER VU REALTY TRUST Four-to-Six Family
26 Philbrick Street Roslindale 1806520000 26 PHILBRICK ST BOSTON MA 02131 FRITZNER FRANCOIS, ANTOINNE FRANCOIS One Family
40 Boylston Street Downtown 0304894000 38--42 BOYLSTON ST BOSTON MA 02116 FORTY BOYLSTON ST ASSOC LLC Residential/Commercial
201 Havre Street East Boston 0106235000 201 HAVRE ST BOSTON MA 02128 JOSE MANCIA, BLANCA D FLORES Three Family
216 Havre Street East Boston 0106126000 216 HAVRE ST BOSTON MA 02128 216 HAVRE STREET LLC Three Family
100 Mount Pleasant Avenue Roxbury 0802761000 100 MT PLEASANT AV BOSTON MA 02119 JEFFREY LOMBA Two Family
43 Oldfields Road Dorchester 1400681050 43 OLDFIELDS RD BOSTON MA 02121 JUAN A GONZALEZ, ESMERALDA A DE GONZALEZ Two Family
45 Crawford Street Roxbury 1202173000 45 CRAWFORD ST BOSTON MA 02121 US BANK TRUST NA Three Family
129 Selden Street Dorchester 1702228000 129 SELDEN ST BOSTON MA 02124 LUIS ALZAMORA Three Family
97 Mt. Ida Road Dorchester 1501439000 97 MT IDA RD BOSTON MA 02122 EAST FOURTH STREET LLC Three Family
20 Wardman Road Roxbury 1101667000 20 WARDMAN RD BOSTON MA 02119 THOMAS MCELHINNEY Three Family
11 Vaughan Ave Dorchester 1400051000 11 Vaughan Ave Dorchester MA 02121 Bashir Madamidola Two Family
64 O Street South Boston 0603852000 64 O Street South Boston MA 02127 Sixty 4 O St. Condo TR Condo Main Building
20 Homestead Stree Roxbury 1203036000 20 Homestead Street Roxbury MA 02121 Bernard L. Diggs Three Family
194-196 Blue Hill Ave Roxbury 1300423020 194-196 Blue Hill Ave Roxbury MA 02119 194-200 Blue Hill LLC Residential/Commercial
643 Walk Hill Mattapan 1803196000 643 Walk Hill Mattapan MA, 02126 Jean N. Chery Three Family
300 Warren Roxbury 1200780000 300 Warren Roxbury MA 02119 Alemnesh Groom Residential/Commercial
11 Fayston St Dorchester 1400199000 11 Fayston St. Dorchester MA Roberta Davis Two Family
91 Anawan Ave West Roxbury 2001700000 91 Anawan Ave. West Roxbury MA Joseph C. Sullivan Single Family
481-487 Geneva Ave. Dorchester 1701151000 481-487 Geneva Ave, Dorchester MA Geneva Waldeck LLC Commercial
95 Greenwood St Dorchester 1402599000 95 Greenwood St, Dorchester MA 02121 Jean Frantz Giles Three Family
411 Seaver St. Dorchester 1400953000 411 Seaver Street, Dorchester MA 02121 Yessenia Cruz 2 Family
94-96 Endicott St. North End 0302538000 94-96 Endicott St, Boston MA 02113 Frank Roberto TS Residential/Commercial
7-9 Sherman St. Charlestown 0201864000 7-9 Sherman St, Charlestown MA 02129 Barry Goldman TS Industrial
58 Lubec Street East Boston 0104009000 58 Lubec Street, East Boston MA 02128 Nicola Dilibero TS 4-6 Family
527 Bennington St. East Boston 0100850000 527 Bennington Street, East Boston MA 02128 Diego Osorno Three Family
155 Southampton St South End 0801021004 155 Southampton Street, Boston MA 02119 Theodore Glynn Way LLC Commercial
16 Greenwich Street East Boston 1500224000 16 Greenwich Street, East Boston MA 02120 Dung Nguyen Two Family
49 Alpine Street Roxbury 1201461000 49 Alpine Street, Roxbury MA 02119 David Ammerman Three Family
175 Orleans St East Boston 0103927000 175 Orleans Street, East Boston MA 02120 Hudson 62 Realty Industrial
19 Gray Street South End 0500869004 19 Gray Street, Boston MA 02116 William J Markos Condo Main Building
15 Abbot Street Dorchester 1401970000 15 Abbot Street, Dorchester MA 02124 Aldexter Foy Three Family
99 Moreland Street Roxbury 1200379000 99 Moreland Street, Roxbury MA 02119 Michael Palmer 4-6 Family
30 Copeland Street Roxbury 1200297000 30 Copeland Street, Roxbury MA 02119 Richard Andrews Single Family
9 Bowdoin Street Beacon Hill 0300027000 9 Bowdoin Street,Boston 02114 HAT Bowdoin Realty LLC Residential/Commercial
472 Commonwealth Ave Fenway 0503930000 472 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA 02215 Joseph Perroncello Residential/Commercial
69 Gainsborough Street Fenway 0401596000 69 Gainsborough Street, Boston MA 02115 69 Gainsborough St. LLC Residential
3 Arion Street Dorchester 1301325000 3 Arion Street, Dorchester MA 02125 US Bank NA Three Family
179 Chestnut Avenue Jamaica Plain 1900643000 179 Chestnut Avenue, Jamaica Plain MA 02130 Warren Wees Van One Family

About the Task Force

Why the task force was created

Strong, vibrant neighborhoods are built around a perception of safety and shared vitality. One bad property on a street can disrupt the quality of life for the people living nearby. To address crime and blight in our neighborhoods, the City created the Problem Properties Task Force in 2011.

The Task Force represents more than a dozen City departments and agencies. As part of our work, we identify “problem properties.” These properties often soak up the City’s public safety and neighborhood resources. In some cases, these addresses are centers of drug use, violence, or other crimes. In other cases, they are visual blights that pose a safety hazard. In all cases, owners have allowed their properties to become chronic problems.

Through our enforcement authority, the Task Force holds property owners responsible. We empower the City to levy fines against absentee landlords. We also give citizens a way to address quality of life issues.

Designating a property

Task Force investigations

There are several ways that properties may be brought to the Task Force’s attention, including:

  • through City departments and agencies
  • through BOS:311 complaints, and
  • from members of the public through the Office of Neighborhood Services.

City departments and agencies will suggest properties based on reasons specific to their work. Members of the public often suggest properties that are blighted, or seem to have lots of criminal activity.

When a property is designated a “problem property,” there have been at least four valid complaint incidents in the past 12 months. But, the process is a little more involved than just the four complaints. The Task Force always reviews the exact nature and severity of all issues.

Designation process

After we collect information and completes our investigation, we make a decision on the property. We prepare a formal notice for property owners. Our task force sends this notice through registered mail to the address of the problem property, and it includes:

  • information about the nature of the issues at the property, and
  • a request to contact the Task Force chair and the local District Police Captain or the Inspection Services commissioner. These officials help develop a method through which a property owner can address their issues.

Property owners can appeal their designation. There is a formal process to appeal the designation before an appointed appeals board.

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