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How to petition for resident parking

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Many of the City’s residential streets are “Resident Parking Only." You can request to have the program in your neighborhood if it's not set up.


Contact Neighborhood Services

If you want to set up a resident parking program, contact your neighborhood liaison at Neighborhood Services. You will be given a form to complete to provide a reason for your request. In general, we require that more than one street in a neighborhood be included in a new program request. We created a document with more details about the Resident Parking Permit Program.

Please note:
  • A Resident Permit Parking Program is created in a neighborhood at the request of the community. We review requests for new programs each year.
  • Applications to request resident parking will available January 2022.

Wait to hear from the City

The Transportation Department will review and approve or deny requests. We will let you know our decision by early March.


If approved, submit a petition to Neighborhood Services

When a new resident parking program request is approved, Neighborhood Services sets up a community meeting to discuss the proposal.

You will be given a petition to complete. You must gather signatures from affected streets to show support for the new program. You need signatures from 51 percent of residents 18 years of age or older in the area in support of the proposal.

Once it's completed, you submit your petition back to Neighborhood Services. All petitions must be submitted by April 30.

Keep in mind:

We will deny petitions that are incomplete or do not meet the threshold of 51 percent approval of residents. Neighborhood Services and the Transportation Department review all petitions. We'll let you know if you were approved or denied in May.


City begins the program in your neighborhood

We start installing signs for approved Resident Permit Parking requests in June. The City begins enforcement of new resident parking programs two weeks after we install these signs.

If you are denied

You can always re-apply for the program. But, you must follow the same procedures, and we will not review your request until the following year.

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