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Last updated: 7/14/16

Urban Wilds: Charlestown

The Urban Wilds Initiative seeks to protect the city's publicly-owned urban wilds and thereby ensure access and enjoyment of natural treasures to present and future Boston residents.

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Charlestown Overlook

Charlestown Overlook

Parcel 2#0789 - private; Parcel #0737 - Redevelopment Authority




Charlestown Overlook is the only city-owned, designated urban wild in Charlestown. It is comprised of several parcels on a steep slope between Bunker Hill Street and Russell Street. Some of the parcels are owned by the BRA. The remaining two or three parcels are privately-owned. There is a stairway traversing the center of the site, connecting the two streets. The land is a combination of overgrown meadow and a sparsely wooded thicket dominated by tree-of-heaven and Norway maple.