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How City Hall Security Works

Last updated: 7/8/16

How City Hall Security Works

Find out what we do to keep properties owned by the City safe.

City Hall Security is a 24-hour police agency that protects property owned by the City of Boston. Aside from police services, we also work to make Boston's neighborhoods safer by focusing on problems like:

  • public drinking
  • drugs
  • graffiti
  • loud music
  • gang problems, and
  • other issues that affect lives of residents.
Still have questions? Contact:
Property Management
1 City Hall Square
Room 811
Boston, MA 02201-2036
United States

If you see a problem with one of our properties, please call us at 617-635-3500.

Where we work

  • Boston Police Department Property
  • Community Schools Property and Employees
  • Inspectional Services Department Property and Employees
  • Neighborhood Development Property and Employees
  • The City's Parks and Recreation Facilities and Employees
  • Boston Redevelopment Authority Property
  • Community Centers Property and Employees
  • Library Department Property and Employees
  • The Boston School Department
  • City Hall Plaza Property
  • Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) Property and Employees
  • Property Management and Construction Property and Employees
  • The City of Boston Cemeteries