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Wil Jones

Resilience and Racial Equity Intern

As a junior at Brandeis University studying Politics and African and Afro-American Studies, my interests lie within public policy - particularly at the intersection of socioeconomics and race and how they contribute to the forming and maintenance of underprivileged communities. As an intern at the Mayors Office of Resiliency and Racial Equity (MORRE) for the City of Boston, I am able to put into practice the theory from my studies where I am most interested to form resiliency initiatives which affect urban development, wage gaps, racial equity and social cohesion, individual and collective trauma, critical infrastructure, and community governance; all within the City of Boston. While that originally began as a summer internship, my internship at MORRE has been extended through the academic year, where I will continue to build and maintain the offices website, and contribute to the development of Boston's Resilience Strategy. Each day spent working within City Hall has fostered a deep understanding of work in the public sector, and has aided in narrowing my aspirations for post-graduate endeavors. Working in close proximity with advisors from 100 Resilient Cities and consultants from HR & A Advisors Inc. has sparked within me an insatiable interest in urban development and strategic planning - so much so that its steered the basis of my research for my undergraduate independent study. As my time working for MORRE progresses, I look forward to seeing the ways in which my goals, interests, and capabilities continue to develop. 

Though unrelated to public policy and political affairs, my experience with information technology as an IT technician has peaked my interests in the field. I continue to explore ways in which I can use technology in conjunction with urban development, education, and public policy; to make both the field and the work done in the field more accessible to under-served and underprivileged communities.