David A. Mayo

Director, Office of Returning Citizens

As the director, David A Mayo leads the department's efforts in the expansion of resources and services for returning citizens. He also assists the City of Boston in addressing the inequitable harms of incarceration. Mayo’s primary responsibility is to drive the vision for the Office of Returning Citizens (ORC). The ORC aims to empower its clients to break the cycle of recidivism through hands-on case management and an extensive provider referral network.

David has spent the last 30 years dedicated to rehabilitative services and a deep-rooted passion for at-risk youth and adult populations. Previously, Mayo helped to transform the Suffolk County Sheriff's Offices reintegration program, where he oversaw the Family Matters Program, Workforce Development, and Discharge to Reentry Services. Mayo also formerly served as the Coordinator of the Nurturing Fathers’ program at the Suffolk County House of Correction. He managed program services for inmates and the mothers of their children through the Family Matters Program.

Mayo is deeply devoted to the work of breaking cycles of recidivism and empowering returning citizens. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Cummins Memorial Theological Seminary.

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