Rupert Saunders

Placement Specialist and Digital Intake Coordinator

Rupert Saunders brings more than 20 years of experience as a Residential Youth Counselor, Youth Crisis Counselor, and Senior Placement Specialist to his work as Placement Specialist and Digital Intake Coordinator at the Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizens.

Before joining the Mayor’s Administration, Saunders worked for 14 years as Senior Placement Specialist at STRIVE Boston, a program of the Justice Resource Institute that helps individuals — particularly those with multiple barriers to employment — not only find jobs, but also be successful and achieve a lifetime of employability. Rupert worked strictly with ex-offenders returning to society. He provided clients with job placements, properly matched candidates with job openings, established relationships with employers to interview and hire clients, and oversaw quarterly tracking and follow-up on clients’ employment status.

Rupert Saunders was born in Brooklyn, New York, and relocated to Boston in 2002. He has always had a passion for helping others get their lives on a positive track. Rupert says his motivation, sincerity, and firsthand experience once living the street life helps him identify those individuals who are seeking positive help and guidance.

Rupert is a 1986 graduate of Excelsior College of the University of the State of New York, from which he holds a Bachelor of Science. He earned an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts in 1981 from Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, New York.

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