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Returning Citizens

Our office supports those who return to Boston after being released from state, federal, and county facilities each year. We also help those who were previously incarcerated.

There are more than 3,000 individuals who return to Boston each year from these facilities. We want to help these people take healthy steps in their lives. The goal is to help them get past the consequences of their actions. We’ll work with social services and law enforcement through this process. We work within the Office of Public Safety Initiatives.

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Were you recently incarcerated? We can connect you with available resources and services.

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22 Drydock Avenue
Boston, MA 02210
United States
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Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Interested in becoming an intern for the Office of Returning Citizens? Please complete the City of Boston's online internship application.

CORI rules for City vendors

The Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) ordinance applies to all companies working with the City.

A CORI report is a background check that an employer uses to see if a potential worker has a criminal history.

Learn about CORI rules

About the office

Our work

A Harvard study found that those reentering society often need housing and employment help. Our office aims to empower these people. We want to reintegrate them into their communities and help them reach their full potential.

We plan to review the services and opportunities available now for those returning home. We also plan to help fill gaps that exist within local, state, federal, and county efforts.

Public Safety Office

Mayor Walsh created the Office of Public Safety in 2014. The goal was to have departments and agencies across the City work together. They tackle the complex problems in our neighborhoods that lead to and perpetuate violence.

News and announcements

News and announcements
Office to support the nearly 3,000 individuals who return to Boston each year from incarceration
Oct 27

City launches Office of Returning Citizens

Public Safety
Kevin Sibley
Oct 11

Kevin Sibley to lead new Office of Returning Citizens

Public Safety