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Employee parking placard policy for City workers

Placards give you the ability to park in more spaces in the City of Boston.

The Transportation Department has the right to deny any request. We can also revoke an issued placard if we feel it’s being misused.

Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 721
Boston, MA 02201-2026

Using the placard

Keep in mind

You can only use your parking placard for official business. You must place it on the rear bumper, next to your license plate. You CAN NOT:

  • park in the same spot for more than two hours
  • park in “City Vehicle Only” parking spaces
  • reproduce or recreate your placard, or
  • alter the placard in any way.

The Transportation Department can only issue placards. If you lose it, we have the right not to issue you one again.


You must renew your parking placard each year. DO NOT use an expired placard. Is your placard almost expired? Go to the Transportation Department in Room 721 in Boston City Hall to reapply. You can also contact your department liaison for a renewal.

Registration numbers

Your vehicle’s registration needs to match your parking placard. You can’t transfer your placard to another vehicle. If you get a new registration number, you need to reapply for a new placard.

You must give your department liaison a copy of your valid registration. They will then give your registration to the Transportation Department. We won’t issue a placard without it.


Were you issued a violation while using your placard? Please complete and sign a violation affidavit.

Remember to include any information that will help with the appeal process. This includes pictures, maps, and documents. We will return your form if it’s incomplete. Please give your affidavit, along with your violation ticket, to the liaison for your department. They will then give it to the Transportation Department.

Affidavit timeline

We must receive your affidavit within 21 days of you being issued the violation. After the 21 days, you’ll need to handle the violation outside of this program through the Parking Clerk’s Office.

If you were using a different vehicle on the day of the violation, note this in the affidavit. Please also include the reason you couldn’t use your normal vehicle.

Public Safety violations

If you receive a public safety violation while using a placard, you must complete a Violation Affidavit and send it to Carla Tankle at the Transportation Department. You must submit public safety violations with your completed violation affidavit within two weeks of receiving the violation. Public safety violations include:

  • Double parking
  • No stopping or standing
  • Within 20 feet of an intersection
  • Bus stop/stand
  • Hydrant*
  • Crosswalk*
  • Less than 10 feet fire lane
  • Sidewalk
  • Pedestrian ramp*
  • HP/V plate parking only*

*These violations are serious infractions. Please avoid them. If you continue to repeat these violations, we may cancel your placard.

Due to their nature, we handle public safety violations in accordance with the Parking Clerk's policies and procedures. We will only dismiss these violations if you can prove the violation was issued during an emergency.

Non-public Safety Violations

Parking violations can be dismissed if they were issued for the following:

  • No parking*
  • Meter fee unpaid
  • Loading zone*
  • Not in meter space
  • Over meter limit
  • Over posted limit
  • Resident parking only
  • Overnight commercial parking prohibited
  • Weather Emergency
  • Over one foot from curb**
  • Island/center strip
  • Overnight heavy vehicle

*You are exempt for one hour in “no parking” and “loading zone” areas. If you continue to get these type of violations, we may need to hold a hearing.

**Please don’t park over one foot from the curb. This type of violation may also result in a hearing.

Don’t contact us directly

If you received a violation, do not contact the Transportation Department to argue or appeal a ticket. There is a protocol in place. All placard holders must follow this procedure.

Appeal hearings

If your appeal hearing hasn’t been approved by your department liaison, you need to attend the hearing on your own time.

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