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Roslindale Rapid Bus Pilot

We're working with the community and the MBTA to prioritize transit on one of the City’s most utilized bus corridors.

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The Transportation Department completed a successful two-day trial of a dedicated bus lane on Washington Street in December. Now, we are looking to pilot the lane for an extended period of four weeks, running from May 7 - June 1. The pilot will once again use the existing parking lane on Washington Street, inbound between Cummins Highway and Ukraine Way. We will keep the lane open from 5 a.m. – 9 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 721
Boston MA  02201-2026
United States

About the pilot

During the pilot, we want to collect your feedback as well as data on a variety of performance measures. We will use this information to make a decision on making this lane permanent.

Metrics include:
  • travel time, time savings, headways
  • experiential feedback, transit rider satisfaction
  • effect on general traffic’s level of service, and
  • neighborhood support and concerns.

You can read more about our four-week pilot.