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Pat Nickerson

Executive Assistant

Pat Nickerson is a more than 20-year veteran of the City of Boston. She possesses a vault of institutional knowledge about the wide array of initiatives, organizations, and projects that have served women and girls in our City over the last two decades. Her knowledge helps guide our work, from informing policy to organizing our priorities as a team. She has spent her career advocating on behalf of Boston's women, and says "although some issues are where they were two decades ago, others are on their way to being resolved.  There’s acknowledgement and there’s movement, and that’s exciting.”

Often the first point of contact for the Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement, Pat takes care of all front-line communications — from visitors to the office, phone calls, and emails, to a variety of other constituent services on behalf of the office.  She believes that people develop their opinions about government from their experiences at the local level. "It's where residents go for their quality of life issues, whether it's a neighborhood traffic concern, or for resources for unsafe situations, or to bring ideas about housing solutions.  People want to feel connected.  If they believe they have a voice that is heard, they're more apt to be invested." Pat is a graduate of Emmanuel College and is a lifelong resident of South Boston.