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Last updated: 12/27/16

BCYF Youth Advisory Committee

The Boston Centers for Youth & Families Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) aims to identify, discuss, and inform BCYF leadership on youth issues and programming.

We established the committee in September, 2014. We give members the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to make positive changes in their communities. BCYF community center members, ages 14-17, make up the committee.

These teens make positive changes in their neighborhoods through projects and volunteer activities, including:

  • volunteering at City events such, as the Elderly Commission’s New Year’s event, BCYF Summer Warm Up Fair,  BCYF Citywide Swim Championship;
  • service days at the American Red Cross Food Pantry and a Spirit of Hyannis Service leadership trip, and
  • providing a youth voice for projects at a variety of organizations, including Urban Edge, The Mobility Project, and the MA Department of Mental Health.
Contact us

For more information about the BCYF Youth Advisory Committee, please call 617-635-4920 or email Joan Lanigan at