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Last updated: 5/3/17

SuccessLink Summer Jobs Program

For the summer of 2017, we’ll be using a lottery to pick teens for available summer jobs.


The City of Boston has partnered with hundreds of community-based and nonprofit groups across the City. We’re giving meaningful jobs to thousands of Boston teens ages 15 - 18. To sign up, first read about the process and requirements below. Then, create a SuccessLink profile and register to enter the summer jobs lottery.

Need to know

Registration is now closed. If you registered with Successlink, see what happens after registration ends. You can also check your status via the link below. Please sign in with your existing username and password. 

Check Your successlinK Status

Please keep in mind: Applying for a summer position with SuccessLink does not guarantee you a job.

Still need help?

You can visit the Division of Youth Engagement & Employment at 1483 Tremont Street in Roxbury, or call 617-635-4202, for help with the application.

Need to complete onboarding?

We have extended our hours for you to come in to complete your onboarding.
Monday - 2PM-7PM
Tuesday - 2PM-8PM
Wednesday - 2PM-7PM
Thursday - 2PM-8PM
Friday - 2PM-7PM
Saturday - 9AM - 5PM
Sunday - 12pm - 5pm (except 6/18)

Types of jobs available

Participants can work in many different positions, including:

  • camp counselors
  • administrative assistants
  • mural painters, and
  • peer leaders.
About the program

The program is presented by Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Youth Engagement and Employment division of Boston Centers for Youth & Families.

The process and requirements

How the lottery works

For the summer of 2017, we’ll be using a lottery to pick teens for available summer jobs.

We will give each applicant a number. That number marks your position in the lottery after the SuccessLink registration closes.


Interested in applying? You need to have turned 15 before Monday, July 10, 2017. You also can’t be older than 19 on or before Friday, August 18, 2017. You also must:

  • be a full-time resident of the City of Boston, and
  • must be legally permitted to work in the United States.
Summer jobs timeline
  • You can apply through SuccessLink from February 25 through April 22, 2017. Deadline Extended!
  • Jobs in the program begin on Monday, July 10, and end on Friday, August 18, 2017.

After registration ends

After registration ends, we’ll begin to match applicants in the lottery to jobs and notify them by email. You have a 72-hour window to accept or decline the job we matched you to. We’ll continue this process until we fill all of the available positions.

If you accept a job

We will mark you as “accepted” and send you a follow-up email with instructions on what’s next.

If you decline a job

If you decline a job — or don’t respond after 72 hours — we will move your name to the end of the waitlist.

Waitlist Applicants

If your name isn’t drawn in the first run of the lottery, we’ll automatically add you to the waitlist. As jobs become available, we move you up the waitlist in the order that your name was drawn.

Onboarding and Paperwork

When you accept a job, we’ll email you instructions on how to fill out the necessary paperwork. You’ll also get a checklist of required documents (such as a birth certificate and social security card) for your job. Log into your Successlink profile to fill out the paperwork and upload your documents.

Next steps

After you submit your paperwork online, you’ll be asked to bring your original documents to our team. We’ll verify them and complete the hiring process. We’ll give you a five-day window to upload any necessary documents. If you miss this timeframe, we’ll return you to the waitlist.