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McKinney Playground Master Plan

| Park Established 1930 |

Develop a master plan for the park.

Image for mckinney playground in brighton

McKinney Playground is a significant recreational resource for the bustling residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Oak Square, Brighton.

Within the park, there is:

  • a shady play area filled with climbing structures and walking paths
  • a baseball diamond, Little League, and softball fields
  • a basketball court, and
  • a small street hockey court.

There are beautiful, mature ash and oak shade trees around the play equipment, and significant shade trees along Faneuil Street. Looking south across the playing fields, one sees a lovely backdrop of green which gives the park a very bucolic appearance.

Project location:
McKinney Playground
74 Faneuil Street
Project contact
Project information:
  • Project status: Planning
  • Project features: Memorial, passive use, baseball, playground, soccer, Little League, basketball, multi-use court
  • Consultant: CBA Landscape Architects, LLC
  • Contractor: To be determined