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Fire Prevention Division COVID-19 update


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Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is currently performing all scheduled inspections and accepting applications for any emergency work. 

We can be reached at 617-343-3628 or via email at for any questions you might have.  If your scheduled inspection is going to be canceled, you will be contacted.

Our front counter service will be by appointment only

Starting Friday June 5, 2020, Fire Prevention will be open to the public by appointment only on Tuesdays and Fridays. We needed to make these changes for your safety due to our limited front counter area spacing. We strongly encourage you to do as much as you can without having to come to Fire Prevention. Appointments may only be scheduled via email at or by calling 617-735-7095 starting on June 5.

Please note that only one person will be allowed to attend that appointment, and only two appointments will be scheduled for that time slot. Your request for an appointment will be screened. If there are other options besides coming into Fire Prevention, you will be guided to use those options before an appointment is scheduled. You will also be required to schedule an appointment to make a payment at Fire Prevention.

Requirements you need to include in your request for an appointment:

  1. Your name
  2. Your company (if permit related)
  3. Your cell phone number
  4. Reason for the request – it must be stated clearly

Things to note after you requested an appointment:

  1. You will be strongly guided to an alternative means to conduct business other than an in-person appointment at Fire Prevention, if that option is available.
  2. All requests will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve availability basis.
  3. On the day of your appointment, the person your appointment is with will text you to come into the building and to Fire Prevention.
  4. Appointments will not be more than 15 minutes .

COO and Scheduling Tests

For your safety due to our limited front counter spacing, we need to make some changes to how Boston Fire collects supporting documentation for the Certificate of Occupancy process and requests for pre-COO inspections and testing. With the exception of Fire Alarm Witness Tests, its process remains the same. 

So, effective immediately, all required documents and requests for Certificate of Occupancy Inspections and related pre-testing must come via email to  Your email needs to contain the address of the property, your full name, your cell phone number, and the company you work for. For Certificate of Occupancy Inspections, you must include your Certificate of Occupancy Application number from Inspectional Services.  All of our requirements have remained the same, just how you request an inspection and submit the required documents has changed.  You can view these docs online.

COVID-19 Safety Plan and a COVID-19 Affidavit

All construction-related applications for the Boston Fire Department require a COVID-19 Safety Plan and a COVID-19 Affidavit attached to them. For more information, please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan and Affidavit Instructions.

Summer Camps

Summer camps must submit their completed application package for an inspection to the Boston Fire Department via email at by May 30.  For questions call 617-343-2244.  All Summer Camp information can be found on the Fire prevention website under Summer Camps.

If you have emergency work that needs to be performed after hours, please contact Fire Alarm at 617-343-2880. Ask to have the district chief come to the location and determine if the work should be done and if a paid detail might be required for life safety.

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