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Inspectional Services COVID-19 updates


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Inspectional Services

To mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), public access to our office is restricted to personnel only, except for limited in-person appointments scheduled ahead of time with our divisions.

Latest updates:
  • We have received several complaints and concerns regarding construction sites failing to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols, including on face coverings and social distancing. We must stay the course and adhere to guidelines set by the City of Boston and the state. Building inspectors will continue to monitor and enforce the COVID-19 Safety Plans for Construction. In accordance with the signed affidavit, Contractors acknowledge and agree that non-compliance with any requirements, including failure to abide by their own COVID-19 Safety Plan, may result in suspension or termination of work in progress or revocation of the City’s permit for such work.
  • For your safety and that of our staff, the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) has temporarily adjusted some of our business practices. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, public access to our office is restricted to appointments only for services that can only be provided in person.  To better address your needs we have modified and streamlined the services listed below, in addition to providing improved contact information.

Affidavits (Fire Escapes, Swimming Pools, Roof Decks, and Facades)

If you have an inquiry or would like to submit an affidavit for a swimming pool, roof deck, fire escape/fire balcony, or facade, email us (for swimming pools or roof decks) or download the application (fire escape/fire balcony or facade) and email the completed form to or call 617-961-3076.

Board of Appeal 

Applicants requesting relief of the zoning or building code, or anyone inquiring about upcoming hearings, should send an email to or call 617-635-4775.

Building Division - Permits
Building Division - Inspections
Building Division - Builders License Renewals 
  • City of Boston Building License renewal: To renew your builders license or apply for a new license, please send an email to or call 617-961-3225.
Certificates of Inspections and Certificates of Occupancy 

Download the checklist and/or application for a Certificate of Occupancy. If you have an inquiry or would like to submit an application related to a Certificate of Occupancy, or if you need assistance regarding a certificate of inspections, please send an email to or call 617-961-3458, 617-961-3223, or 617-961-3401We're holding in-person meetings by appointment only. 

Commissioner’s Office 

If you have an inquiry or would like to reach the Commissioner, send an email to or call 617-961-3434.

Constituent Services

If you have a complaint regarding illegal rooming homes, hoarding, or construction projects not in compliance with the City’s COVID-19 Construction Safety Protocols, please contact,, or call 617-869-6920.

Environmental Sanitation Division

Site Cleanliness applications can be completed, signed, and emailed to the department for processing.  Questions and applications can be sent to or call 617-961-3422.

Health Division

All in-person plan reviews have been suspended until further notice. Questions or inquiries for the Health Division can be sent to or call 617-635-5326.

Housing Division
Weights and Measures Division

Our Weights and Measures Sealers are conducting random verification inspections to ensure that consumers are being accurately charged. Questions or inquiries can be sent to or call 617-635-5328

On Tuesday, May 5, the City activated the submission process for required COVID-19 Safety Affidavits and COVID-19 Safety Plans for permitted construction work. The City also announced the timeline to incrementally expand the categories of allowed construction to further align with the broader categories of construction defined as essential by the State. Read the announcement. You can also review the COVID-19 safety affidavit and plan submission process for Inspectional Services.

Online services
How to Apply for a Short Form Permit

Applying for a Short Form Permit video tutorial