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Landmarks and Historic District Commission hearings status (UPDATED March 27)


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Landmarks Commission

Out of an abundance of caution regarding the public health concerns surrounding COVID-19, the following upcoming hearings have been canceled or switched to a virtual hearing.

extension forms: Due to Governor Baker's state of emergency declared on March 10, 2020, we are currently only accepting Design Review Applications with a signed extension form. Applications may be submitted by email with a hard copy and check for the application mailed to Environment Department, Room 709, Boston City Hall, 1 City Hall Square, Boston, MA 02201.

All canceled agenda items will be placed on the next possible hearing date(s). If there is an urgent need for repairs, please contact staff to discuss your options. Due to the impact these cancellations will have, please email your questions or concerns to the appropriate point of contact, please do not call. We will respond to your emails in the order it was received. 

*INDICATES latest update

Aberdeen Architectural Conservation District Commission (April 9): Canceled*

Back Bay Architectural District Commission (April 9): Canceled*

Boston Landmark Commission (Design Review, March 24):   CHANGED TO VirTUAL HEARING (Learn more)

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission (March 19):  Canceled

South End Landmark District Commission (March 17): Canceled 

South End Landmark District Commission (April 7): Canceled *

St. Botolph Architectural Conservation District Commission (March 18): Canceled

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